On Saturday 21st July 2012 a willing band of volunteers, rustled up by Kelley Rushton of Lough Neagh Discovery Centre arrived at Craigavon for a hard days graft repairing some sections of the trails. Many thanks to Rich and Davey of for the photos below and their assistance in getting more volunteers for the day, as well as rolling up their own sleeves. 

So here are some photos to prove how much can be done in such a little time - amazing work guys.

This first photo isn't actually the trail, but badly rutted ground to the left of the trail (the actual trail being hidden under the brambles to the right). 

The next photo shows the same bit of trail, brambles removed, the muddy hole filled in and some good demarcation put in place. The existing trail also got a good light dressing of stone.

The next photo shows where riders have been taking short cuts to avoid a puddle and this has resulted in rutting and the retention of more water.

The guys in the photo below are busy working on the above section, concentrating on reprofiling the turn so it's a bit more insloped, surfacing and demarcating.

The next photo shows the guys whackering in sub base on the same section.

And the next shows them digging up the existing trail to reprofile.

And here's the turn almost finished....

The next photo shows a badly rutted section of trail, where a lack of effective demarcation led to people riding on soft ground on either side of the hard trail surface. This led to rutting and eventually to the near collapse of the trail structure.

The next two photos show the above section repaired and with some really effective demarcation put in place to keep people on the hard trail surface. The important thing is that the demarcation be properly set into the ground and is landscaped to try and make it look as though it belongs there.

Well done to all the volunteers who turned up on the day and many thanks for all the effort. 

The Craigavon trails are a great community asset, not just for mountain bikers but for walkers and runners alike and it's great to see these sections restored to their former glory.

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