Dafydd has recently spent three weeks over in Western Australia (no...not on holiday, unfortunately for him!!)


He was a guest speaker at the IMBA conference in May, speaking about the importance of trail sustainability, trail planning and about creating a sustainability framework which all trail planning and design should work within.

See the link below (about half way down the page) to see what WAMBA had to say about Dafydd's presentation:

Beautiful blue sea of Perth - Dafydd was staying in a hotel just around the corner from here :-)

A great example of an accessible trail in a heavily used beauty spot  which as been integrated into the landscape near Albany


For the rest of the time Dafydd sent in WA he was liaising with land owners/managers, statutory bodies, native heritage groups and stakeholders to develop a sustainability framework that will be used by DEC (Department of Environment and Conservation), DSR (Department of Sports and Recreation), West Cycle and WA Mountain Bike Association during the planning and design of any new trails. The first draft of this document is currently being circulated among the groups above and I'm sure there are future trips to Aus on the cards for Dafydd - lucky guy ;-)

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