Castle Ward Multi Purpose Trails

Dafydd revisited Castle Ward on Tuesday evening to have a look at the multi use trails that were put in just over a year ago that were designed by Dafydd.

Castleward is a very special place in landscape terms and it was very important that the trails fit in with the landscape in every sense. The trails that were put in were designed to appear like thay had always been part of the estate and are open to a range of uses including equestrains, walkers, cyclists and the less able.

He was very pleased with the trails and we think the pictures speak for themselves:

 This photo shows the multi-use trail along the property boundary. This was designed to make it invisible from particular parts of the estate and to be very soft on the landscape.

This photo shows the Category 3 trail in the Woods which has really blended in well in a very short time.

As always the key issue that underpinned Dafydd's design work here was sustainability, and a year on they have proven to be very popular with trail users and sustainable in every sense.

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