Rostrevor Mountain Bike Trail Construction, Northern Ireland

 I'm involved with Dafydd's work on the administration side of things ...we're all really excited about the work that's taking place at Rostrevor Forest Park in Northern Ireland.

It's been a very long planning and design process, but finally the construction has begun and the trails on the ground are looking brilliant. The contractors, Euroservices  are using Dafydd's prescriptive plans, which will result in sustainable trails which are integrated into the landscape and will  be great fun to ride.

The designs contain approximately 23km of cross country trails and 4km of dedicated, uplift served downhill trails.

Euroservices are doing a great job of interpreting Dafydd's designs, and Dafydd is providing site supervision throughout the work. We'll keep you posted with updates and pics.

by Michelle Jones, Trails by Dafydd Davis

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